WorkshopOne. Translating Potentials into Expertise one event at a time.

Career First Institute would like to invite you to our public workshops happening this month.

WorkshopOne. Translating Potentials into Expertise one event at a time.  

Career First Institute mirrors the dynamism, excitement, passion of today’s modern professionals and businesses. And in line with its purpose to bring out the best in everyone, Career First Institute launches WorkshopOne, a series of public learning events that help professionals grow their creative, entrepreneurial, and personal selves.

And to kick off its offering this month, WorkshopOne brings to the public relevant and specialized learning events that can acquire knowledge and demonstrate skills with depth and passion and that one cannot simply get from other modes of learning channels.

WorkshopOne also supports individuals to win every opportunity given to them in a changing world of work by taking their potentials to different heights.

See the workshop details below and engage yourself to learning a new skill this summer.

March 19: Personal Makeup Workshop 

March 28: English Communication Skills Bootcamp for IT Support Professionals

March 29: Accounting and Bookkeeping Made Easy

March 30: Train the Trainer Workshop

We look forward to seeing you in one of our learning events.

Thank you very much.

CFI Public Workshop March 2016