MDD is primarily responsible for the recruitment of new members, creating awareness on new business trends and developments; fostering camaraderie among members and conducting all other undertakings that cater to members’ needs to ensure more active member participation and involvement.


General Orientation on Chamber Movement (GOCM) – learn how you can benefit from chamber membership in a one-hour orientation conducted by CCCI Officers and Committee volunteers at the CCCI Center.  (Click on this link for Benefits of Chamber Membership and Schedule of GOCMs)

One to One Client Calls – ultra-busy prospective members are visited by our gracious Membership Recruitment Officer to discuss the benefits of chamber membership.

Membership Applications, Processing & Acceptance – our MDD staff will take care of you from the point of application to your final acceptance as CCCI member.  (Click on this link to access Membership Application Form)

New Member Orientation & Committee Matching – newly accepted members are given an overview of CCCI operations and are accorded the privilege to select any of the working committees they wish to volunteer for. (Click on this link to access Volunteer Application Form)

Educational Tour/Visitor Orientation – an overview of CCCI as an organization and how it operates is given to visiting students and tourists.  A tour of chamber premises is an added bonus.  Nominal fees are charged to cover costs.

Export Documentation – Chamber direct and indirect members are offered export document authentication and attestation services.  Special rates apply to direct members.  (Click on this link for Chamber Seal documentary requirements)

Information Exchange – is a monthly publication emailed to chamber members to keep them updated on available info materials and upcoming events of interest to members.

(Click on this link for the latest Chamber Information Exchange)

CEBAC (Cebu Business Card)

General Membership Meetings – An event normally organized at regular intervals within a year, where the general membership of the chamber gathers.


Sports Activities & Fellowship





Joy Lorena “Joy”  Segismar                                   MELISSA A. CAMPANING

Membership Recruitment Officer                              Membership Retention Officer

Tel. 232-1421 to 24 Local 110                                    Tel. 232-1421 to 24 Local 111                         




                                    President & CEO                                                                    ABLE SERVICES, INC.




Orientation                                                                Mr. Ed Limtingco

                                                                                    VISMIN Manager

Credit Information Bureau Inc. (CIBI)

Cebu City


Sunshine Committee


Membership Benefits and Services




Sports & recreations