CHANGE- Enhancing Customers’ Experience under the New Economy

In celebration of its 50 years, the Ateneo Graduate School of Business (AGSB) is undertaking a BusinessCaravan across its campuses in the Philippines. The theme of which is “Leading by Serving, Serving by Leading”.

The last leg of the caravan shall be conducted here in Cebu City on November 25, 2016 at Cebu City Marriott Hotel, 1PM to 5PM. The event is anchored on its title: “CHANGE- Enhancing Customers’ Experience under the New Economy”.

We have gathered several excellent speakers to talk about the following:

(1) Operational Innovation transforming Organization

(2) Increasing Entrepreneurship Under the Digital Economy

(3) The Experiential Marketing Approach


And a special segment from a renowned personality on her continuing journey, “A Winner Never Quits”


To reserve your seat, email us back with your complete name, email address and contact number. Alternatively, you may visit our Facebook with the link below and leave your details. We shall be contacting you for the confirmation towards the event date.



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