2015-12-18 Year-End Press Briefing and GMM


2015-12-17 CR+ID Validation Workshop – Tourism Sector

2015-12-16 CR+ID Validation Workshop – Agriculture Sector

2015-12-14 Employee Retention Seminar

2015-12-08 Year End Power & Energy Committee Meeting

2015-12-07 Kto12 meeting

2015-12-07 Dinner with Turkish Chamber

2015-12-04 Labor Relations Committee meeting

2015-11-27 Visit of Philippine Honorary Consul to Tunisia

2015-11-24 Business Meeting with Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2015-11-23 Dinner at Ambassador Joseph Angeles’ residence

2015-11-19 Business Meeting with Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2015-11-17 to 25 South Africa Trade Mission

2015-11-13 CEVA Logistics event

2015-11-13 Cebu Brand Launching

2015-11-07 CCCI Badminton Tournament

2015-11-04 USAID STRIDE Technical Workshop

2015-10-28 Philippines-Germany Energy Forum

2015-09-30 Singaporian Business Forum

2015-09-29 Capacity Building Session with CEMVEDCO Officers and Members

2015-09-24 CCCI-TCCP- Finex Cebu Business Matching

2015-09-22 SWMB  Waste Plastic Recycling Project Presentation by JICA

2015-09-11 Globe Kickstart Group Meeting

2015-09-10 Turnover of Uniform to K to 12 plus Senior Students

Zapatera National High School

Barrio Luz National High School

2015-09-10 CCCI Trustees meeting with Lazada

2015-09-07 USAID & Pagtambayayong Foundation event

2015-08-26 CCCI Tourism Committee Meeting with GMR Megawide

2015-08-19 Turkish Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines Inbound Trade Mission

2015-08-18 Seminar for Human Resource Professionals

2015-08-14 CBM 2015 Thanskgiving Party

2015-08-13 Petition for Minimum Wage Increase Hearing

2015-08-12 Dinagat Island LGU Visit

2015-08-12 Adopt-a-Station Meeting at NBI

2015-08-11 Malaybalay, Bukidnon LGU Visit

2015-08-11 CFCG Training

2015-07-30 Supervisory Skills Seminar

2015-07-25 4th Grand Bloodletting Event



2015-07-14 Grand Bloodletting Presscon over 888 News Forum

2015-07-09 USAID Stride Presentation

2015-07-02 CCCI Tourism Meeting

2015-06-30 VCA Tourism Stakeholders (CR+ID)

2015-06-28 3rd Cebu Run for the Rivers

2015-06-26 DOH Annual Partner’s Forum

2015-06-25 Brgy. Binaliw

2015-06-19 Tourism Forum on Branding Cebu

2015-06-17 Grand Bloodletting 2015 First Coordination Meeting

2015-06-13 CCCI AVP

2015-06-10 GCA 2015 Food Tasting

2015-06-05 With Japanese delegates

2015-05-29 Advocacy Fair and CBM 2015 Opening Salvo

2015-05-27 With US Secretary

2015-05-27 Induction of New Trustees

2015-05-25 GCA Meeting with CCCI Past Presidents

2015-05-23 Meeting with the Consul of Colombo (Sri Lanka)

2015-05-20 Branding Workshop at RAFI

2015-05-15 Meeting with International Monetary Fund

2015-05-15 General Membership Meeting

2015-05-15 Business Forum with DTI Secretary Domingo

2015-05-04 K to 12 plus project Training of Trainers Culminating Activity

2015-04-30 NEDA’s Anti-Poverty Program

2015-04-20 TAAC 2015 Press Conference and MOA Signing

2015-04-13 AFOS-CCCI-PARTNERS MOA Signing K to 12 Program

2015-03-31 Workshop in Bantayan

2015-03-23 CPA Public Consultation Meeting on Storage Fee

2015-03-20 GBPC’s Customer Forum with PP Carlos Co

2015-02-27 GMM & Election of Trustees

Valued Member of CCCI


2015-02-17 Port Committee Meeting

2015-02-10 Educational Tour (MDD)

2015-02-05 FGD on Fishing Sector

2015-02-04 FGD on Shipbuilding Sector

2015-01-29 Mega Cebu Meeting

2015-01-29 DOT meeting with 3 Cebu Congressmen

2015-01-24 Shipment and Distribution of Relief Goods to Borongan, Eastern Samar

2015-01-15 Inter BMO Dialogue

2015-01-14 Turnover of Seedlings in Dalaguete & Towels in Ronda